05/21/2015 12:44 EDT | Updated 05/21/2016 01:12 EDT

'Queen of the Oblivious Marketing Department': BC Ferries' name campaign mocked

VANCOUVER - BC Ferries says its contest to name a new fleet of vessels won't be sunk even as people mock the company's fare costs, service cuts and executive salaries with suggested monikers like "Coastal Cash Grab."The corporation began its #NameAFerry campaign on Tuesday, asking the public to name three new vessels for a chance to win over $500 in ferry travel."We’re proud to be introducing three new intermediate class ferries that will become part of our shared culture and history," the company wrote on Facebook."Celebrate the beauty of coastal B.C. by submitting your best names."But cheeky social media users quickly grasped the opportunity to ridicule the quasi-Crown corporation.A deluge of proposed names has included entries such as "Coastal Community Collapse," "Queen of Increasing Fares" and "Spirit of Unfettered Capitalism."Another suggestion: "Queen of the Oblivious Marketing Department."Others opted to ridicule the company's prize, with one Facebook user quipping: "$500? So one round trip with a family then..."BC Ferries spokeswoman Deborah Marshall said the corporation received over 1,400 entries within 24 hours of launching the campaign, and most of them were serious submissions.She said the company anticipated some negativity on social media, but the contest will continue as planned, until June 9."People have fun on social media," she said. "We've seen the naming suggestions on social media. We think some of them are quite funny."Details for the contest are posted on the BC Ferries website.