05/21/2015 08:20 EDT | Updated 05/21/2016 05:59 EDT

Strawberry season comes early to B.C.

The recent warm weather is good news for B.C. farmers who say strawberries are making an early appearance this year.

"Because we are two and a half weeks early, we have to gear up a little harder, put in a little extra hours throughout the day, but I think we'll manage so we are just about to start our commercial harvest," said Amir Maan, whose family owns Maan Farms in Abbotsford.

"This winter, I don't know if we even had a winter if you look back to it. It was cold, but it wasn't too cold." 

As a result, Maan says the average temperature was two degrees higher than in previous years. He was out in the fields Thursday and says it's not just strawberries that are making an early return, it's also blueberries and raspberries.

"What's going on is that all of this sun is increasing the photosynthesis, more sugar content in the fruit, larger sizes. I actually had some today and it's really good, I'm not even making it up."

If you're thinking about getting some strawberries soon, Maan recommends heading out in the fields to pick your own.

"Local is best. Because you come on to the farm, you have an experience, you have an attachment to it. When you are buying from Safeway or just a regular store, it comes from don't know what's going into the fruit," said Maan.

"It increases your awareness about your fruit, more of a connection and I think that adds to the fruit flavour as well."  

To hear the full interview with Amir Maan, listen to the audio labelled Early berry season.