This Is 'The World's Most Relaxing Film.' No. Really.

Only a Sigur Ros soundtrack could make this film more soothing.

We know that Sigur Ros aren't from Denmark. But only they could make the country's latest tourism video more soothing than it is already.

Danish tourism organization Visit Vestsjaelland has released a video it calls "The World's Most Relaxing Film."

And it delivers. The video itself is a collection of soothing images from Zealand, the country's largest island.

It shows a beautiful landscape filled with forests, fields, marshes and even grazing cows.

Why does it call itself the "World's Most Relaxing Film"? Science, that's why.

The organization said it attached pulse monitors to some city residents to see how their heartbeats changed while watching the film. Visit Vestsjaelland said the subjects' pulses dropped by over 10 per cent, The Local reported.

We know the point of the video is to make people visit Denmark.

But for now it's sending us into a deep, pleasant ... yawn ...


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