05/22/2015 12:25 EDT | Updated 05/22/2015 12:59 EDT

Brian Mulroney's Westmount Mansion Finally Finds A Buyer

Mellor Group

After more than a year on the market, Brian Mulroney’s posh home in Montreal’s Westmount has found a buyer.

The seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom house on Forden Crescent went on sale in September, 2013, with an asking price of $7.9 million.

But after more than a year on the market, the price was slashed to $5.8 million this past January, and according to the listing agent’s website, that’s what it sold for.

The house features amenities such as an exercise room, a play room, a nanny room and an outdoor pool. There’s even a commercial walk-in fridge in the basement.

The property is registered in the name of Mulroney’s wife, the Montreal Gazette reports. The couple bought the property in 1993, officially for $1, though at the time buyers were allowed to keep sale prices confidential. The house was estimated at the time to have a market value of $1.675 million.

Brian Mulroney's $8 Million Mansion