05/22/2015 10:01 EDT | Updated 05/22/2016 05:59 EDT

Missing costumes from tightrope walker Rick Wallenda found in Calgary

CALGARY - A Calgary drama teacher and her students helped recover and return a lost bag of costumes to a tightrope walker from the famous Wallenda family after it mysteriously showed up behind their school.

Earlier in May, a trailer belonging to circus performer Rick Wallenda vanished.

It was later recovered about four blocks from the Royal Canadian Circus in Calgary, but the costumes and high-wire gear it contained were gone.

Carolyn Burns, a drama teacher at Sir John Franklin School in Calgary, had just finished the school's annual drama production recently when the school’s caretaker told her he had found some clothing outside the school and thought it might be from the production.

"I sent some students out to grab them, and when we opened the bag, they were obviously not mine," Burns told CTV Calgary. "There were sequins and a body suit — not your typical random clothes. That's when my student told me about the missing circus clothing that had been on the news."

Burns said she then emailed the circus and returned the costumes to Wallenda, who had asked that the thieves anonymously return his belongings, which included special footwear for high-wire walking.

Wallenda comes from the famous daredevil troupe called the Flying Wallendas. His grandfather, Karl, founded the troupe. His cousin, Nik, is well-known for crossing the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls on a high wire.

(CTV Calgary)