05/22/2015 12:35 EDT

National Vanilla Pudding Day Is A Thing And So Was Pudding With Chicken In It

If you can think of a pudding flavour, there's probably a national holiday named after it and vanilla is no exception.

May 22 will go on as just another day for many but for vanilla and pudding lovers alike, National Vanilla Pudding Day is day to indulge in a time-tested dessert that's now free of chicken. Yes, you read that correctly.

Some of the earliest forms of the treat blended sweet and savoury with some cooks adding shredded poultry or fish into the mix. While we're sure the extra hit of protein was filling, we'll opt for the modern-day packaged stuff, thank you very much.

So eat as much of the treat as you please because it's National Vanilla Pudding Day and that's the One Thing You Should Know Today.

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