05/22/2015 03:26 EDT | Updated 05/22/2016 05:59 EDT

Police seize cocaine and ketamine in package at courier company in Toronto

TORONTO - Police are crediting a worker at a Toronto courier depot for alerting them to a large drug shipment bound for Alberta.

Insp. Howie Page says an employee flagged suspicious activity to the courier company's investigators, who found a white powder in a package.

Police say they found one kilogram of ketamine — which Page says is often used as a date-rape drug — wrapped in vacuum-sealed bags with paprika on Wednesday afternoon.

While officers were conducting their investigation, the alleged sender returned with another package for shipment, which police said contained five kilograms of cocaine.

Anh Tung Ly, 28, of Woodbridge, Ont., is facing several drug-related counts, including possession for the purpose of trafficking, and possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime.

Police say the drugs were destined for Edmonton.

Based on the way the packages were being sent, the employee identified it to be consistent with the behaviour of people trafficking drugs, said Det. Jeffrey Ross.

The packages of cocaine were imprinted with a Star of David, Page said, noting that traffickers often imprint or mark drugs as a way of branding them for sale.

Page said investigators believe other parcels were sent and are working to find them and apprehend any would-be recipients.

"We are investigating the possibility that this individual may be responsible for shipments previous to those that were intercepted and are working with other law enforcement agencies throughout Canada."

Page also said Toronto police will meet with Canada Post and courier companies next week to discuss ways of identifying and intercepting packages containing illegal substances.