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Réka Kaponay Is Travelling Around The World, And She's Only 13


The average 13-year-old lives at home and travels to school each day. Réka Kaponay's life is a little different.

Australian-born Kaponey has been travelling the world since she was 10 years old. She describes herself as enrolled in the "School of Life" with her twin brother and parents on her blog Dreamtime Traveler.

The Kaponey family's adventure began when they travelled to California on a family vacation that accidentally turned into a trip across the country and South America. Soon after, they decided to sell most of their belongings and travel the world, she tells Be My Travel Muse.

Since then the foursome has travelled to 23 countries, living on only what they need. Meanwhile, parents George and Bobi operate a non-profit called EnergeticXChange, which connects people who want to exchange and share belongings, reports Design Taxi.

While it's definitely not traditional, Kapone says her travel, coupled with homeschooling, is a new style of education.

"If I would have to put a name to this, I would say that I like to think of ourselves as life learners, everyday, activating knowledge within us from the school of the world and all the living things surrounding us," she writes on her blog.

But every lifestyle has its downsides. For Kaponey, the hardest part about her nomadic life is having to say goodbye to people and places.

The family is currently living in Spain, where Kaponey is working on getting her first novel "Dawn of The Guardian" published.

She shares snapshots of her incredible travel experiences on Instagram. Here are a few:

#aguilas 's hidden pavilions emanate a natural beauty and an air of mysticism. #spains_secrets

A photo posted by Reka Kaponay (@dreamtimetraveler) on

#alhambra's mesmerizing architecture. Visit for more magic through the screen.

A photo posted by Reka Kaponay (@dreamtimetraveler) on

We don't know about you, but the Kaponey lifestyle is making us crave a vacation!

Would you want to travel so often? Tell us in the comments below.


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