05/22/2015 05:59 EDT | Updated 05/23/2015 10:59 EDT

Stephen Curry's Daughter Riley Owns His Press Conference. He Keeps His Cool.

Daddy, I'mma let you finish, but I'm about to give the greatest press conference of all time.

That's what two-year-old Riley Curry might as well have said at an event on Tuesday.

She completely owned a presser featuring her NBA star father Stephen, after his Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 110-106 in the playoffs.

The point guard's adorable daughter insisted on sitting on daddy's lap as he addressed the media.

And suddenly all the post-game questions became irrelevant.

The NBA later released a touching video highlighting Curry's relationship with his daughter.

"She's got a charisma about her, she's not shy at all," Curry said in the video. "She is wise beyond her years."

It would be easy for a star like Curry to assume the spotlight on his own. But he seemed more than happy to share it with his daughter and show what a proud father he is.

And he's not the first. Fellow NBA star Kobe Bryant and San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy have also brought their kids to press conferences, reported NESN.

Then there was the time Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul brought his son, Chris Paul Jr., to a news conference.

And he gave Blake Griffin the "Blake face."

With Father's Day coming up, Curry's press conference had us thinking about other athlete dads who've shared the limelight with their kids.

Here are some more heartwarming moments of dads with their children:

Athlete Dads with their Kids

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