05/22/2015 07:18 EDT | Updated 05/22/2016 05:59 EDT

Toronto FC unfazed at sharing BMO Field home with CFL Argonauts

TORONTO - Sharing BMO Field with the CFL Argonauts doesn't seem to faze Toronto FC captain Michael Bradley and coach Greg Vanney.

Despite assurances from Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, some fans have expressed concern that the field will suffer, as well as the game experience.

Bradley said the MLS team has its mind on other things ahead of the proposed 2016 arrival of the Argonauts. But he expressed confidence in team ownership in doing the right thing.

"All you have to do is look at the stadium, this training ground, everything that has been put in our club to understand the commitment from MLSE to Toronto FC and to our fans," Bradley said after practice Friday. "I've had a number of conversations with Greg, with (GM) Tim Bezbatchenko, (MLSE CEO and president) Tim Leiweke.

"Everybody knows that that commitment is never going to change. Obviously once we get through this season and Phase 2 of the (BMO Field) renovations begin, then we can start talking about those sort of things. I know they already are, but in our minds in the very short-term it's about (the game Saturday) and worrying about this season."

Vanney said sharing is part of the stadium business these days. And like Bradley, he believes team ownership will make it work.

"All the commitments they have to TFC and our fans and to the quality of our games, that will all be there," he said.

Bradley, acknowledging that players are "picky about their playing surface," said the BMO Field ground screw "does an incredible job in terms of the work that they put in to making that field exactly what we want and what we need."

He said team and grounds crew sorted out last season what kind of field was needed.

"Once we got on the same page, the second half of last year and so far this year the field is unbelievable. In terms of fields that we've seen so far in the league, by far the best."

Vanney said the team is in constant contact with the groundskeepers, ensuring that field conditions are what they want and that they are the same at the stadium and training centre.

And he described the field for the home opener against Houston as "amazing."

The players' wish list for the playing surface?

The grass as short as possible, wet and "that right mix between not too hard and not too soft."

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