05/23/2015 12:08 EDT | Updated 05/22/2016 05:59 EDT

#NHLPlayoffs: Battle of the fans: Lightning-Rangers Edition

Game 4 in the Eastern Conference finals between the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning began as any other game. 

But then Rick Nash scored for the Rangers ending his drought in this series against the Lightning. Steve Stamkos was able to tie the game 1-1, but that was the only goal that Tampa Bay was to score in Game 4.

The Rangers defeated the Lightning 5-1, so they are now tied 2-2 in this exciting high-scoring series.

It seems the teams are evenly matched on ice, but how do they fare off the ice? 

Let's see, in what we call...

Battle of the Fans: Lightning Ranger Edition

1. Pets 

Point: Lightning-The dog is ready to play. The cat? Not so much.  

2. Babies

Point: Tie-It's too much of a cuteness overload, we couldn't even decide if we tried.

3. Food 

Point: Rangers-Due to pure difficulty and deliciousness.

4. Hairyness

Point: Rangers-Merely due to the ridiculousness of the haircut. Cool ape though.

5. On Vacation

Point: Lightning-That's a pretty accurate logo if you ask us. 

6. Swag

Point: Rangers-That kid is just too excited to not win. Cool socks though.

7. Lights

Point: Lightning-Because lightning.

Well it seems the teams are evenly matched off the ice, but then we saw this...

We're going to go ahead and give the win to great aunt Kay from Dartmouth. What a game for her to see!