05/25/2015 04:43 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 06:59 EDT

'All About That Bass' Parody Makes Books Fresh Again

All about them books, 'bout them books, no Kindle... ♫♪

A B.C. bookstore has created a catchy parody dedicated to classic paper books, kicking e-readers to the curb.

The delightful music video, which parodies the hit "All About That Bass," was created by The Book Man in Chilliwack. "All About Them Books" has struck a nerve with the paperback-faithful, racking up more than 100,000 Facebook views and reaching people as far away as Austria.

"I thought, 'How hilarious would it be to sing it about books instead of booty?'" Emily Hamel-Brisson, who works at the store, told The Huffington Post B.C. She wrote the lyrics and dances in the video.

"I sang a few words out loud to my fellow office workers and we all got a good chuckle."

The resulting lyrics may not be on the level of Shakespeare, but they are quite catchy, with gems like:

"We see them e-readers, workin' that shiny screen, we know that just ain't healthy, headaches will make you scream..."

(Don't tell us you didn't sing that in your head.)

Shot by local filmmaker Matthew Hawkins, the video features vocals by a local theatre group fittingly called The Book Babes. The other dancers are a mix of bookstore employees, customers and students from The Chilliwack School of Performing Arts.

Hamel-Brisson said she wants people to think of The Book Man as more than just a bookstore, but "a place where people think of as cool and fresh and interesting," she told The Chilliwack Times.

Cool and fresh indeed, ladies.

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