Best Apps For Organization, Punctuality And Other Type A Traits

For people who love being hyper-organized and punctual in every aspect in their lives, smartphone apps tend to create somewhat of a catch-22. After all, you want to use your phone to its greatest abilities, but the more apps you download, the harder it is to keep track of what's actually on your device.

We've taken a look at the top-rated apps for the various of life that most affect those who might be classified as "Type A." You know our kind — we're tapping our toes at the long wait for lunch, we're apologizing profusely when we're a minute late for anything and we're getting maybe a little too much satisfaction in ticking things off our to-do lists.

If that sounds familiar to you at all, take a look at these fantastic apps for organizing your life — and we know, you're too busy to thank us, so we'll just assume you love them.

Best Apps For Type A Personalities