The 5 Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask Your Gynecologist -- Answered

Even when you're healthy, going to the gynecologist can be a pretty awkward experience, making those moments when you have questions feel even more mortifying.

Fortunately in the video above by Eye Opener TV, host Allyn Hoang sits down with Dr. Pari Ghodsi to get answers to the five most embarrassing female health questions. From the "am I normal?" query to what's best for your breasts, Dr. Ghodsi is here to set the record straight.

In 2014, the BBC reported that nearly a third of teens found it difficult to speak to their doctors, with 68 per cent saying they simply felt embarrassed.

Mary F. Hawkins, author of Talk To Your Doc: The Patient's Guide, tells the Huffington Post Canada in an email that many patients feel this way and often lack confidence to speak up when something is wrong. Hawkins hopes to empower patients with her book, reminding readers that we know our bodies best and can help our doctors by speaking up.

So if you have a health question that wasn't answered, you might want to swing by your doctor's office and just ask them for yourself. "Think of metaphors or words that will best describe your symptoms," Hawkins advises. These details can help doctors diagnose you. And it's okay to ask for clarification. Hawkins suggests you make a list of questions before your visit and go over them with your doctor.

And any good doctor will agree. As Dr.Ghodsi says, there's really no reason to be concerned, adding that "[as doctors] we aren't judging you, we're there to help you."

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