05/25/2015 16:10 EDT | Updated 05/25/2016 01:12 EDT

From Ding-Dongs to cucumbers, B.C. marks decade of fruits and veggies in schools

VICTORIA - British Columbia's Health Minister Terry Lake says a decade ago, school children would be eager for Ding-Dongs and Wagon Wheels in their lunches.After chomping down a cucumber and handing out other vegetables to Grade 5 Students in Victoria today, Lake says healthy eating is growing in popularity.When the B.C. government made exercise and healthy eating one if its goals for prosperity 10 years ago, the then health minister was mocked as the minister of fruits and vegetables.Now Lake says he's be proud to wear the nickname.Almost 90 per cent of the province's schools participate in the program that brings B.C. fruits, vegetables and milk into classrooms.Lake says he doesn't have corresponding data to prove the benefits of the program, but recent statistics from the United States indicate healthy eating programs in American schools are bringing down childhood obesity rates.

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