Nine Student Doctors Suspended After Being Caught Partying With A Dead Body

Drinking on the job is bad, but drinking on the job with a dead body, well... that's so much worse.

In the video above by Buzz60, we learn about nine student doctors in Uruguay who have been suspended for celebrating their last shift before becoming doctors with a corpse.

One of the students — who has been suspended indefinitely — is believed to have moved the body of a deceased man from a hallway into the party area, according to The Mirror.

The body of the man was later found in a washroom by one of his relatives, Metro News reports.

Jorge Quian, health director at the hospital, expressed his disappointment in the students and their superiors stating, "when there’s a mistake in medicine, there’s never a single person responsible." The two superiors on staff at the time are also being suspended for allowing the situation to occur.

With a one-month suspension in effect for the eight other students, these students will have to wait a full year before they are deemed full-fledged doctors.

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