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The Ultimate Guide To Summer Jackets

Let’s get layered.

Well if recent 30-degree days followed by scarf weather are any indication, this summer will require more than just a closet full of tank tops. (Which, on that note, do you guys hang up your tank tops?)

Fortunately, designers this season have caught up that summer guarantees anything but the weather that’s supposed to correspond with it, so we’ve found ourselves a plethora of season-appropriate outerwear we can bring with us in case of emergency. (See: most days throughout June to August.) Let’s get layered.

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1. Feathered

Treating his show as one would an episode of "Electric Circus," Fyodor Golan used his S/S collection to deliver feathered jackets that completely appeal to our Y2K-era nostalgia. But maybe you’re ready to move past the era of bright tones and controversial texture (I mean, I guess, if that’s what you’re into). Balmain and Serkan Cura took the "Black Swan" route instead, using feathers to create a sleeker, more sophisticated look that couldn’t be more different than its pink predecessor. Either way, both would totally have been allowed at EC.

2. Cropped

Considering crop tops have incorporated themselves into our hearts and our lives, none of us should be surprised at the arrival of cropped jackets. (Or re-arrival, depending on how many of us once owned cropped denim, circa 2006.) But I digress: Balenciaga and DSquared2 offered shorter interpretations of trench and biker cuts, giving you the chance to revel in your full cropped glory while doing 2015 right.

3. Trench

There are classic trench coats (think: Burberry Prorsum’s Resort line), and then there are the offerings from our good friend, S/S 2015. Schiaparelli delivered a detailed leather trench (for cooler days), while Simone Rocha capitalized on late '90s enthusiasm with a sheer pink style. Meanwhile, to bridge the gap between extremes, Rebecca Taylor offered a light, pastel option, while Balenciaga modernized the style with a slightly rounded collar and a structured-looking cut. Trench coats are officially for everyone.

4. Track Jackets

I’m wearing running shoes, a second-hand varsity sweater and I have been to the gym once since 2002. (Spoiler alert: it was actually in 2002.) So yes, my friends, athleticism has seeped into our collective unconscious, inspiring us to dress the part despite some of us (hello) not having anything to do with the actual part. Sacai Luck, Rag & Bone and Milly were just a few of the brands that followed said lead, with collaborations like Kanye West for Adidas setting the pace back in February.

5. Fringe

Call it the deep, everlasting love for the 1970s (or call it the most efficient way of dressing up a jacket), but fringe is a favourite this season, and we are all winners because of it. Fortunately, there are no less than 5000 ways of wearing it. Designers like Isabel Marant used it to dress up and add texture to a belted cape, while Elie Tahari went classic cowboy. Ultimately, the lesson is this: is there fringe on your jacket? Anywhere? Perfect. Then you’re suited up for summer, and you’re welcome forever.

6. Beaded

Is “beaded” a type of jacket? Absolutely not. (Unless said jacket is made only of beads.) But it’s a trend that’s been seen on jackets this season enough for me to decide here and now that the word is getting an upgrade, and that’s how we’re going to handle that. Enter: Balmain’s details, Giambattista Valli’s embellishments and Barbara Bui’s bright accents -- all a testament to the power of beading, but also how loud your jacket can successfully be.

7. Suede

Has suede ever been looked down on? I hope not, because I like to think we’re too good for judgements that make no sense. So in the spirit of being right about our jacket choices, let us sing the praises of Chloe, Saint Laurent and Gucci who ensured that this summer, we’d be living our best suede lives. We did it, everyone. Suede in the summer for all.

8. Three-Quarter Sleeves

But then there will come the days where a long-sleeved jacket is too much and a lack of sleeves altogether isn’t enough, and those are the days reserved for three-quarter sleeves a.k.a. the greatest style achievement since any of the above jackets. Stella Jean’s colourful jackets offered a throwback to the '50s/'60s trend, while Christian Dior balanced the length of the coat with the length of the sleeves. Bottega Venata, meanwhile, just took a shortcut and rolled theirs up. Why? Because it’s summer 2015, you guys, and the weather is everything but predictable. (Much like this season’s corresponding styles.)

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