05/26/2015 03:13 EDT | Updated 05/26/2015 03:59 EDT

What Women Really Want To Ask You On The First Date

We're all told to be ourselves when we go on dates, but we know there are plenty of thoughts we keep to ourselves for a variety of reasons.

In the video above by Buzzfeed, the site nails exactly how a lot of us may feel when venturing out on a first date. While we try hard to be open-minded and ask the right questions, we also worry about common things like sex, exes, and awkward silence.

The video goes through several questions like, "How many dates have you been on this month?" to "How much porn do you watch?" — questions that are typically dating no-nos.

And while you are encouraged to get to know your date by asking questions, expert Sheila Blagg says stick to topics around passions, travel and family life. She also says you should avoid things like exes, religion or how many kids your date wants in the future — at least, on the first date.

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