05/26/2015 01:22 EDT | Updated 05/26/2016 05:59 EDT

Mayor Denis Coderre Installed Backyard Pool Without Proper Permit

Mayor Denis Coderre says he made "an honest mistake" when he installed a pool at his home without the proper permits.

Coderre first requested a permit from the Montreal-North borough back in 2004, to install a pool at his home.  But the permit was cancelled, because regulations at the time prevented him from installing the necessary fencing around his property.

The borough subsequently changed the fencing regulations and informed Coderre that he would be allowed to install a fence.

Coderre said on Monday that he was unaware he needed to obtain a new permit before installing the fence and pool because he was not informed the previous permit had been cancelled.

Coderre will not be fined for the infraction, but will have to pay $51 to obtain the permit.

"Montreal-North favours a collaborative approach with citizens and, when possible, will opt to educate residents, rather than lay sanctions," said Michel Lemay, head of communications and citizen relations.

Opposition councillors slammed Coderre for not following the rules.

"If he didn't know the law, that's serious for someone in his position. If he felt he was above the law, that's even worse," said François Limoges, Projet Montréal councillor.

"He showed indifference towards a rule that he clearly judged was an administrative nuisance," said Luc Ferrandez, Projet Montréal leader. 

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