05/26/2015 05:00 EDT

Bride Gets Surprise Of Her Life When Owl Shows Up With Wedding Rings

Here’s a creative way to keep wedding fatigue at bay: hire an falconer.

An English man bucked tradition by hiring an owl to serve as a ring bearer at his wedding last year.

There was one thing: he didn’t tell his wife-to-be.

With rings tied to his feet, Bilbo the owl flew down the aisle over guests and toward groom Shaun Palmer and bride Adele, landing on the best man’s arm.

The bride was speechless.

And judging from the smiles and jaw drops Bilbo left in his wake, she wasn’t the only one awestruck by the spectacle.

Footage of Bilbo’s surprise flight was first uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 4. It’s popularity has surged in recent days after being picked up by several media outlets.

Well done, Shaun. What a hoot! Hiring a owl falconer was a good call.

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