05/26/2015 11:36 EDT | Updated 05/26/2016 05:59 EDT

RCMP Raiding Home Linked To Investigation Of Radicalized Youth

RCMP confirm its officers are at a home in St-Leonard, linked to the ten young people arrested a week and a half ago for allegedly trying to join jihadists overseas.

Investigators obtained a search warrant but did not say what they are looking for.

On the weekend of May 16, RCMP arrested 10 Montreal youth they believe were trying to leave the country to join jihadists in Turkey and Syria.

No charges were laid.

The passports of those arrested have been confiscated. 

RCMP said investigators have met with the friends and families of the people trying to leave Canada.

A lawyer for one of the people arrested told Radio-Canada his client is a "victim" who was approached online and promised "a better life."

Some of those arrested have ties to the six Quebecers who are thought to have left for Turkey, en route to Syria, in January. 


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