05/26/2015 05:07 EDT

Men All Over The Internet Are Sharing Underwear Selfies With The Hashtag #Manties

Sexy underwear isn't just for women!

A new trend online features men (yes, men) stripping down to their skimpy skivvies and posting photos of themselves on Instagram with the hashtag, #manties.

Manties, a combination of the words "man" and "panties" used to be a term used to describe women's-style lingerie designed for men, but with this new trend, anything goes. As long as you're a man who has some underwear, you can participate.

All types of men are getting in on the #manties action. Just check out some of the (probably NSFW) photos below. You might need to turn your desk fan on, because it's about to get a little hotter...

Well, Hello There!


This Guy's Manties Game Is On Point!

A photo posted by Chris (@soughtamyfoundher) on

Manties Tanlines, Anyone?

A photo posted by @marriedmensecrets on

He shoulda worn sunscreen!

Real Men Wear Manties

A photo posted by CR (@camirg23) on

They've Become Acceptable Beach Attire

A photo posted by Olvin Delarca (@olvindelarca) on

Underwear? Bathing suit? Same same.

They Also Look Great With Tattoos

A photo posted by Daniel J. Raps (@djraps) on

Hot damn!

Men Are Wearing Them In The Water

A photo posted by Axel Grey (@axelgrey) on

And In The Comfort Of Their Own Bathrooms

A photo posted by @brhandocv on

Bodybuilders Are Also Fans

Just Chillin' In His Manties

Workout #LegDay #workouttime #gymoff #manties #TeenLife #workhard #NoPain #NoGain

A photo posted by Patricio (@patrickflowers) on

All Greased Up And Ready To Go

A photo posted by 🙌😎🙌 (@sebastieno) on

Sealed With A Kiss

Men Are Even Dancing In Their Manties

Solo Manty Styles

A photo posted by @michaelpottymouth on

Keep on doing your thang, men!

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