05/27/2015 10:40 EDT | Updated 05/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Mother says daughter mistreated, misdiagnosed at Regina hospital

REGINA - A woman who says her pregnant daughter was mistreated and misdiagnosed at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina says the 25-year-old will now lose her hand.

Sheila Bolen says her daughter, Krystal Schwan, went to the emergency room earlier this month with a sore hand.

Bolen tells radio station CJME that hospital staff were disrespectful to her, believing she was high on drugs because she was thrashing around due to pain.

The doctor told Schwan he could find nothing wrong and discharged her.

Bolen says by the time Schwan returned to the ER the next day, her hand was black and she was diagnosed with compartment syndrome and a bacterial infection.

Schwan was then moved to Regina General Hospital and is still there three weeks later.

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health says a review of the case is underway.

Spokesman Glen Perchie said the family filed a formal complaint shortly after the incident, but some staff involved were out of the country, resulting in a slight delay to the investigation.

"I think this is devastating and again, my heartfelt apologies goes out to this individual and her family," said Perchie. "We obviously have not met their expectations and this is a really tragic case."

He said financial compensation would not be out of the question.

Health Minister Dustin Duncan said they're keeping an eye on the situation.

"What we've asked ... is that the region, the appropriate people reach out to the family just to make sure they know what's taking place in that review," Duncan said.

Bolen said she hasn't heard from the RQHR since the complaint was filed. However, Perchie disputed that and insisted the family has been contacted numerous times throughout the process.

Bolen said doctors originally thought they would only have to amputate her daughter's fingers and thumb, but it was later determined it was necessary to remove her entire hand.

The bacterial infection has spread up Schwan's arm, resulting in several incisions for the fluid to be drained.

"She's in a lot of pain," said Bolen. "She's scared."

If she goes into labour, doctors have told them they will perform a C-section.

"She didn't understand why it's happening to her, why they just didn't figure it out in the first place," said her mother. "She just doesn't understand what else she could have done differently to make them see that it was that sore."

She said her daughter is also worried about how she will be able to perform everyday tasks and take care of her three other children.