05/27/2015 02:24 EDT | Updated 05/27/2015 02:59 EDT

Summer Fashion Trends 2015: '90s Sportswear

Nothing like some good old nostalgia!

In the eighth grade, I put on my first pair of Adidas track pants and thought, "I am basically Sporty Spice now." It didn’t matter that I was also wearing a bucket hat, hiking boots and a discounted tank top from Bootlegger (or that I was way too old to aspire to Sporty Spice-dom); what mattered was that, for those few weeks in May, I felt athletic. (The only time before had been when my gym clothes all matched by sheer fluke. And believe me when I say that I looked great, sitting in the outfield and making flower crowns out of dandelions.)

Fifteen years later, and I am not any sportier. I am not athletic, I don’t go to the gym and I bought New Balances only because they were gold (hey, I’m a grown-ass woman who makes her own life choices). But '90s sporting life is back, and to help re-capture the feeling of wearing trackpants with bucket hats we've rounded up a few ways to get it. Check them out in the gallery below:

Photo gallery '90s Sporting Life See Gallery

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