05/28/2015 03:53 EDT | Updated 05/28/2016 05:59 EDT

3 Calgarians charged in fake charity scam that bilked senior of $8M

CALGARY - Three people have been charged after a Calgary senior was bilked out of more than $8 million.

Investigators say that between December and May, the suspects used false charities as a front to convince the person to invest large amounts of money.

They told the victim the money would lead to large returns, but the money ended up being funnelled to international bank accounts.

Officers searched two residences and one home and found forged bank and government documents, pyramid scheme accounts, $65,000 in gold, and a number of other items.

Joseph Edison Fernando, who is 66, also known as Joseph Edison, and 37-year-old Stefanie Haase-Fernando are facing fraud and theft charges.

Police have also issued a warrant for 39-year-old Anshul Edison Fernando.