05/28/2015 12:53 EDT | Updated 05/27/2016 05:59 EDT

#NHLPlayoffs: From east to west, Game 7 is the best

Well it's official, for the first time since 2000 both the Eastern and Western Conference finals will be going to Game 7.

Fans say it felt a little like this.

Some fans were not surprised at all. 

Others were shocked and awed. 

While others got a bit dark. 

For the most part, fans were just pumped that there are not one, but two Game 7s.

Some called for a national holiday to celebrate.

Some fans were a bit braggy.

And some were sticklers for proper grammar. 

Many fans provided supportive words, and another supportive pizza.

In the end most fans agree with Monica Geller. Seven is pretty darn good. 

Tune into CBC for both Game 7s Friday and Saturday at 8 P.M. ET