05/28/2015 09:57 EDT | Updated 05/28/2016 05:59 EDT

Riley Curry upstages dad (again) after Warriors clinch West

It may have been the Golden State Warriors who won the game and the series to advance to the NBA finals. It may have been her dad who led all scorers despite taking a spectacular spill.

But on Twitter, it was little Riley Curry who stole the entire show. 

For the second time this post-season, Stephen Curry's little girl upstaged her father in a Q-and-A session with reporters after a key game. 



"I think she's taking advantage of the moment, for sure," said Curry, responding to a question about his daughter's post-game appearance. "She's way too confortable." 

At one point, Riley, 2, decided she was done with her gum and handed it off to an employee of the Warriors' Oracle Arena. Just like that.


She even sang Drake's hook from Big Sean's Blessings, a song the Warriors have been playing on their team plane.

It's no wonder her name was trending in the U.S. and Canada this morning. 


Previously on the Riley Curry show, she showed up at another post-game newser after another Warriors win, asking to be picked up and yawning into the mic.