05/28/2015 04:19 EDT | Updated 05/28/2015 04:59 EDT

Video Of South Korean Woman Removing Her Makeup Proves The Power Of Cosmetics

All we have to say is, WHOA.

We've seen plenty of makeup transformations online involving beauty gurus transforming their faces by piling on the products, but a new video shows the just how drastic taking your makeup off can be.

In the clip, titled, "How to remove your face," a South Korean woman is seen taking off her makeup with a cotton pad. She soaks the pad in makeup remover and proceeds to wipe off her eyeliner, eye shadow, brow filler and foundation on the right side of her face, revealing a completely different looking person.

The most noticeable difference on the woman's face is the appearance of her eyes. When the makeup is gone, they appear much smaller than when rimmed in liner. But as Bustle pointed out, there may have been other factors that went into the look, namely circle lens contacts and double eyelid tape. The contacts cover one's irises with a wide, black circle, providing a cartoon-like look, while the tape can give added dimension to monolid eyes.

Viewers took to the comment section to express their shock, amazement and astonishment.

One commenter said, "I'm trippin. She somehow makes her eye three times larger with clever camouflage? I promise to be suspicious of all women, everywhere, for the rest of my life."

Another individual wrote, "I was just amazed how while removing her makeup it didnt[sic] smear around her eye and how she could have used one cotton to wipe her make up[sic] off if it mostly consisted of eyeliner wow,i[sic] can never do that."

Other commenters urged her to celebrate her natural beauty instead of wearing the makeup,

"She's not just beautiful without the makeup... she's INSANELY beautiful without the makeup! What in the world, girl? Don't put that stuff on!! You are GORGEOUS!!!," wrote user TheDoodlibop.

Whatever your thoughts on the video, there's no denying the transformative power of makeup.

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