05/28/2015 08:11 EDT | Updated 06/15/2015 03:59 EDT

The Cost Of University Housing Is High At Some Of The Best Schools


When it comes to university, passing a course is often the least of students' worries.

Even more daunting is the prospect of paying for post-secondary tuition. Or, in some cases, a place to live.

Kijiji has provided statistics that show just how much it costs to rent a place on or off campus while attending Canada's colleges or universities.

UPDATE: June 15 -- Kijiji has changed its numbers, and the numbers that initially appeared in this report can no longer be considered accurate. We have removed an infographic, a slideshow, and changed wording based on the new numbers provided.

McGill had the most expensive on-campus housing, at an average of $1,885 per month, followed by the University of Toronto at $1,807, Queens' University at $1,654, Trinity College at $1,588 and University of St. Michael's College at $1,581.

The cost of on-campus living represents an average that takes utilities into account.

Off-campus costs, meanwhile, are calculated by looking at listing prices exclusive of utilities in the same postal codes where the institutions are located.