05/29/2015 04:02 EDT | Updated 06/03/2016 04:59 EDT

18 Cool Ear Piercing Combos That Will Amp Up Your Ear Game

Arm parties are so three seasons ago -- it's all about the #eargame now. One quick search of the hashtag on Instagram will bring up some seriously cool ear piercings, and we're totally obsessed.

Ear piercings go so much further than just your typical lobes and cartilage. In fact, there are plenty of areas on your ear that can be pierced -- and when you combine them together, the possibilities are endless.

Check out some of our fave ear piercing combos below!

Forward Helix, Dermal Punch, Tragus And Quad Lobe

Industrial, Tragus And Lobe

A photo posted by Cassidy Stow (@_cassidyyrae) on

Conch And Triple Lobes

A photo posted by Kate (@franceswho) on

Tragus And Double Lobes

A photo posted by Beanie Major (@indetaillondon) on

Rook And Lobe

A photo posted by Kayley Brookson (@kaylstorm) on

Industrial, Cartilage, Tragus And Quad Lobes

A photo posted by @watchmeshrinktp on

Cartilage, Double Tragus And Lobes

Cartilage, Conch And Lobe

Tragus, Conch And Double Helix

Outer Conch And Snug

Rook, Anti-Tragus, Lobe

Triple Flat, Cartilage And Double Lobe

Cartilage, Mid-Cartilage And Lobe

A photo posted by Lianna (@bylianna) on

Double Lobe

A photo posted by winston_lane (@winston_lane) on

Helix And Triple Lobe

A photo posted by @daintydiamondgirl on

Dermal Punch And Single Lobe

A photo posted by Jen Kristoff (@brokenocean) on

Forward Helix, Conch And Lobes

Triple Lobe, Conch, Cartilage, Tragus

A photo posted by J. Colby Smith (@jcolbysmith) on

Double Lobe, Mid-Cartilage And Cartilage

A photo posted by SMITH + MARA (@smithandmara) on

Double Lobe And Helix

A photo posted by (@rossmorela) on

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