05/29/2015 01:41 EDT | Updated 05/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Opposition Wildrose suggests legislature changes to restore trust

EDMONTON - Alberta's official Opposition says the workings of the legislature and its committees need to change to restore the trust of Albertans.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean (GENE) says it's a good time for reform, since the Progressive Conservatives are finally out of power.

The Wildrose is suggesting fixed dates for legislature sittings, new committees to review legislation and more time for private members' bills.

The party also says there should be an end to stacking legislative committees with members from the governing party.

Wildrose house leader Nathan Cooper says that would make it more difficult for government to bulldoze through new laws.

The first session of the legislature with the new NDP government is set to begin June 11.

"We've adopted many of the best practices from other jurisdictions to ensure the people's legislature once again works for them," Cooper said in a release Friday.

"We look forward to working with Premier Rachel Notley and government house leader Brian Mason to hopefully bring in many of these badly needed reforms."