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Pregnant Regina Woman Faces Hand Amputation After Being Denied Treatment

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A pregnant Regina woman faces a possible amputation to her hand, after she was denied treatment in a hospital emergency room, her family claims.

Krystal Schwan was taken to the Pasqua Hosspital after she accidentally slammed a door on her hand, earlier this month, mother Sheila Bolen told The Toronto Sun.

And while staff took X-rays of her hand, she was discharged soon after without diagnosis because, Bolen says, the staff thought Schwan was either drunk or on drugs.

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"Told her to leave hospital after she soiled her clothes sitting outside in nothing but a hospital gown. Im devasted [sic] at the lack of help she was getting which was NONE," Bolen shared in a post to her Facebook page.

Please share this I have contacted the CTV News...This is inconsiderate practice to someone who was in a lot of pain and...

Posted by Sheila Bolen on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The pair went home, and over the next day Schwan's hand turned black and large blisters formed, reports CBC News.

When they returned to the ER, staff diagnosed Schwan with compartment syndrome and a bacterial infection.

Her father, Darryl Bolen, told CBC that his daughter is now waiting for surgery to amputate her hand.

She is also due to have her baby in August.

"I just think this is a travesty that could easily have been prevented if someone would have taken the time to find out why the pain was there," he said.

The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is reviewing the case, reports The Regina Leader-Post, and has apologized to Schwan and her family.

“I do extend my most sincere apologies to this patient and family,” said Glen Perchie, executive director of emergency and EMS for RQHR. “It is really sad and it’s very devastating.”

According to The Sun, Schwan has received treatment from another hospital in Regina for the past three weeks, and has received skin grafts for her hand.

Day 13 she is out of surgery 7pm....she is fine but her leg is sore from taking the skin off for her arm. She said it feels like road rash. Baby is fine too.

Posted by Sheila Bolen on Sunday, May 17, 2015

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