28 Ways To Eat Radishes

It's crisp and refreshing and has a subtle zing. No we aren't talking about a new craft beer, we're talking about radishes.

Yes, the crunchy root vegetables are in season so you're bound to find them on plenty of veggie platters all summer long. But you're anything like us, you might find the raw vegetable a little too peppery on its own. To solve that problem, we've rounded up 28 radish recipes that are sure to balance the flavour without skimping on the benefits.

Radishes are a good source of Vitamin C and fibre, Livestrong reports. And researchers at the National Cancer Institute say eating the cruciferous vegetable can even prevent cancer.

When buying radishes, it is best to purchase vegetables that are firm to the touch. If leaves are attached they should be crisp and green to ensure the vegetable itself crunchy. But if your radishes go a little soggy before you're ready to serve or cook with them, there is a way to bring them back: simply soak them in ice water for a few hours and they'll be ready for your crudities.

Check out the slideshow below for 28 of our favourite radish recipes, from salads to sandwiches, butters and bowls, there's plenty of ways to serve this refreshing root vegetable. How do you cook with radish? Let us know in the comments below.

28 Radish Recipes