05/30/2015 05:48 EDT | Updated 05/30/2016 05:59 EDT

Animal services hope escaped Toronto peacock will return home on its own

TORONTO - A peacock that escaped from a Toronto zoo remained on the lam as of late Saturday afternoon.

A spokeswoman says Toronto Animal Services stopped actively pursuing the bird out of fears of driving it further away.

Nicola Ware says attempts to capture the bird using nets, blankets and bird sounds proved futile.

Now officials hope the bird will make its own way back to the west end Toronto zoo where it escaped from twice in the past week.

Ware says it's not known where the bird currently is, but has proved itself to be smart and resourceful enough to survive outside the zoo.

Animal services will intervene if the bird becomes cornered.

Residents are being asked to contact the city if the peacock is sighted.