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Jason Costouros, Edmonton Man Convicted In Dismemberment Case, Shot Dead

Jason Costouros served prison time for his role in cutting up a man in 2007.

EDMONTON - An Edmonton man convicted in the murder and dismemberment of a victim who had been stabbed 158 times has been shot dead in front of his home.

Police say they were called to a house in the city's west end late Thursday night to investigate a weapons complaint.

They say officers found the body of a 32-year-old man on the driveway.

Neighbours told Global Edmonton that the man is Jason Costouros, but police have not confirmed an identity.

An area resident told Global that multiple shots were fired before a vehicle sped away.

Costouros pleaded guilty to accessory to murder after the fact in the death of David Wong, whose partially cut up body was found by police in an Edmonton suite in 2007.

Costouros and three other men were in the apartment. Wong’s arms and one leg were discovered in garbage bags.

Officers had been called in when blood began seeping through the ceiling of the suite into the space below.

Costouros was sentenced to 4 1/2 years. Wong's killer has never been found.

Homicide detectives were on the scene of the shooting until Friday and talked to several neighbours.

“There are quite a few witnesses,” said acting Insp. Ray Akbar of the Edmonton Police Service. “A lot of neighbours heard what appear to be gunshots and alerted police.”

A neighbour told Global Edmonton that Costouros lived with his parents and had a lengthy criminal history.

“We knew of him. We knew he was trying to straighten up. He was doing really well, so who knows. I don’t know if it’s random or targeted.”

Many families with children live in the cul-de-sac where the shooting occurred.

“Thank God it wasn’t during the day when we have a lot of kids playing outside,” said another resident. “We have a lot of young families, so there’s a lot of kids on the street.”

Police have not released any details. No arrests have been made.

(Global Edmonton)

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