05/31/2015 17:55 EDT | Updated 05/31/2016 01:12 EDT

Officials hopeful that Toronto peacock returned to zoo area on its own

TORONTO - There were no sightings on Sunday of the elusive peacock that escaped from a Toronto zoo last week, with officials saying they hope the bird has returned to the zoo area on his own.A spokeswoman for the city says animal control officers tried to capture the bird using nets and blankets, but stopped actively pursuing the peacock on Saturday because they were afraid of driving it further away.Nicola Ware says it would make sense that the bird returned to the High Park area in Toronto's west end where the zoo is located.Ware says the fact that the peacock had been so conspicuous last week, means that for it to completely disappear they're hoping he's somewhere "deep inside the park" amid dense foliage.She says residents are being asked to contact the city if the peacock is sighted.But Ware says she has told colleagues to keep an eye on Twitter for information on the bird."I'm sure Twitter is going to know before anybody here does."