06/01/2015 12:19 EDT | Updated 06/01/2016 05:59 EDT

811 Health Link Hooks Albertans Up With Quicker Medical Info

Steve Jobs tries to call this way of placing calls, "old fashioned." As innovative as Apple is, I don't think you can call a system by which +95% of phone calls are currently placed "old-fashioned…" But, that's just what I think. Regardless of that, they did a really nice job on a feature they pretend to expect nobody to use.
EDMONTON - Albertans can now get free, 24-hour access to health information and advice by dialing 811.

The three numbers for Health Link replace the 10-digit local numbers that were used in Calgary and Edmonton as well as the provincewide toll-free number.

The old numbers will continue to direct callers to Health Link for a time.

Alberta Health Services says the province's adoption of 811 will create consistency.

Several other provinces, including British Columbia and Saskatchewan, also use 811 for access to non-urgent health-care services.

People with a medical emergency should continue to dial 911 or visit a hospital emergency department.

Health Link was used by more than one million Albertans last year.

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