06/01/2015 10:05 EDT | Updated 06/01/2016 05:59 EDT

Burrard Bridge repairs could include improved bike lanes and sidewalks

Plans to repair and upgrade the north end of Vancouver's aging Burrard Bridge could include turning one of the northbound vehicles lanes into a bike lane and restoring pedestrian access to the sidewalk on the heritage structure.

The city plans to unveil its plans for the bridge and for a public consultation process on Monday morning, but an artist's rendering on the city website shows the bridge operating with two southbound vehicle lanes instead of the current three.

In 2009 the city turned one of the southbound vehicle lanes into a bike lane and turned the sidewalk on the northbound side of the bridge into bike-only lane. All pedestrians were restricted to the sidewalk on the southbound side of the bridge. 

In the artist's rendering, the sidewalk on the northbound side appears to be returned to pedestrians and one of the northbound lanes appears to be turned into a bike lane, leaving just two lanes for vehicles heading north.

The rendering also shows the existing concrete block separating the bike lane replaced with a permanent guard rails.

The city recently reconfigured the bike lanes and sidewalks at the south end of the bridge in order to make the intersection with Cornwall Street safer.

The Burrard Bridge bike lane is the busiest in the city, with 195,000 trips recorded last July.