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Moose Jaw caught washing city hall after urging residents to cut back water use

MOOSE JAW, Sask. - A city in southern Saskatchewan has been flooded with complaints on social media after someone snapped a photo of a pressure washer being used to clean city hall this weekend.The picture was posted amid a request from the city of Moose Jaw for residents to conserve their water use.An issue with the water in Buffalo Pound Lake has slowed down the filtration process at the water treatment plant.People on social media called out Moose Jaw for its "hypocrisy."A posting on the city's Facebook page said a private contractor was hired to pressure wash the outside of city hall.The post also says the work has been stopped and will be rescheduled when the water conservation request is lifted.Moose Jaw also says sprinklers have been turned off in all parks and asks anyone who sees a sprinkler running on city property to contact city hall.The city of Regina, which also uses the same water treatment plant, has also asked its residents to reduce water use.Pat Wilson, director of waterworks for Regina, says they are working on a solution, but he didn't say when it would be implemented."A water treatment plant is very complex," Wilson said. "Any changes that are made have to be seriously considered so that we know what all the implications are and that we don't create some other problem by changing the circumstance. So we have to do it the right way not the fast way."Over the weekend, Regina saw water use go down more than 20 per cent. The water treatment plant was able to increase capacity to 65 per cent of the normal water flow — up from 50 per cent last week.(CJME)

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