06/01/2015 10:43 EDT | Updated 06/02/2015 12:59 EDT

Wally The Angora Bunny Just Hopped Off Instagram And Into Our Hearts

This is Wally.

He's an angora rabbit with one of the cutest Instagram accounts we've ever seen.

He has big, floppy ears that look like ponytails and lives in Massachusetts.

And he loves to laze around as much as we do.

He reminds us of at least one fictional character.

OK, maybe two.

He's a funny dude sometimes.

"I want everyone to see my new SHOES!" Okay, Wally. I will tell your followers you got new shoes! "NO! They can't KNOW that I want them to KNOW!" Why not, Wally? "I'm a HUMBLE BUNNY! Just say, 'Here is a nice picture of Wally.'" But Wally? We need to be honest. It's okay to tell people you're proud of your new shoes. "I'm PROUD of my NEW SHOES! If you want some, you can't! Wally already bought them!" (Oh no. This is not exactly what I had in mind.) Wally? There are more pairs of shoes just like yours that people can buy. You might make people sad by telling them they can't have something special that you have. (Wally gasps.) "Wally makes people SAD?! I'm a BAD BUNNY!" Sigh. Wally and I will talk more about this ...

A photo posted by Wally the English Angora (@wally_and_molly) on

He always makes his owner Molly happy.

And us, too.

The angora rabbit makes a pet that's easy to care for, according to The Joy of Handspinning.

But grooming their fluffy fur can be a challenge.

Now stop reading and enjoy Wally for his complete and total cuteness.

Wally asked me to film a dance routine for his followers. "A CELEBRATION! So they know that WALLY LOVES THEM!" As he practiced, he came to a sudden realization: "I don't have POPCORN!" Why do you need popcorn, Wally? "I wanted to give out free snacks! Like a MOVIE THEATER! Fiddlesticks! ... STICKS! CHAPSTICKS!" Wally thinks my coconut and pear flavored Burt's Bees is a special treat that, after application, becomes available to him directly from my lips. (Don't worry! He had an accidental lick or two. And after his snatch-and-run this morning - of course with the intention of offering "free snacks" to his audience ☺️ - I've placed it safe inside my drawer. I've also since explained to him that chapstick is neither a snack for bunnies nor people!)

A video posted by Wally the English Angora (@wally_and_molly) on

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