06/02/2015 05:19 EDT | Updated 06/02/2015 05:59 EDT

Apple Watch: This Dog Has More Wearable Tech Than You (VIDEO)

A dog in China is taking canine fashion to a whole different level with not just one, but two pieces of expensive accessories. Take a look….

What you thought Apple watches were only for humans?

A husky belonging to 27-year old Wang Sicong, the son of a Chinese billionaire, has two gold Apple watches on its furry paws.

Watch the video above for the whole story.

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    BMW i Remote
    If you're lucky enough to be an owner of either the BMW i3 or i8 then you're in for a treat. BMW has confirmed that the i Remote app for iPhone will come with its own Apple Watch app. Offering the same key remote functions as the iPhone app you'll be able to check charging, unlock the doors, hoot the horn, flash the lights and more.
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    W Hotels
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    Making Calls
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