06/02/2015 08:25 EDT | Updated 06/02/2016 05:59 EDT

Canadian Federation Of Nurses Unions To Run Ads Ahead Of Federal Election

Canada's unionized nurses say they will take an active role in the upcoming federal election.

For the first time, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions plans to apply for third party status, allowing them to advertise during the election campaign.

Linda Silas, the union's president, and about 1,000 unionized nurses from across the country are in Halifax this week for a convention.

"We're very concerned that not enough funding is coming from the federal government and not enough leadership," she told CBC's Information Morning.

Silas says the federation's unions, including the Nova Scotia Nurses' Union, will also apply to run ads about pharmacare concerns and senior strategies

"We have to modify the way we look at our healthcare system as a whole. Everything is through our emergency department which is the most costly wait. We have to change that and if we have no leadership, we will continue in this spiral of increased cost and more trouble and more cutbacks," she said.

In the past, Silas says the national union has brought its concerns to its members, not the public.

"We need to ring the alarm bells."

Third-party advertisers must register and there is a cap on how much money they can spend on their advertising.

According to Elections Canada, the base limit for a general election with a 37-day election period is $150,000.

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