06/02/2015 02:47 EDT | Updated 06/02/2015 02:59 EDT

'Live From Snack Time' Instagram Documents The Weird And Wonderful Things Kids Say

Life through the eyes of a child is silly, adorable, and utterly hilarious. That’s why one New York elementary school teacher decided to document all the weird and wonderful things her students say in an Instagram account called, “Live From Snack Time.”

No child left behind

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“I needed a way to document some of the most amazing comments I'd ever heard,” the teacher, who chose to be anonymous, told ABC News. “Their thoughts are honest and pure. The way they think out loud and try to figure out the world in a creative way makes me love my job so much.”

The second grade teacher was originally inspired to launch the Instagram account while she was working in a kindergarten classroom last year. With the help of a friend, illustrations were then added to the kids’ quotes for amusement.

Because a dump truck will never dump you...

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“I hope people realize how funny and curious kids can be,” she told The Huffington Post. “I recommend not taking their questions lightly, they are trying to figure out the world... but it doesn't hurt to laugh about it once in a while.”

The teacher’s Instagram account now has over 27,000 followers and accepts kid quote submissions from the public.

To see the most entertaining kids’ quotes from “Live From Snack Time,” flip through the slideshow below!

Weird And Wonderful Things Kids Say