06/02/2015 04:25 EDT | Updated 06/02/2016 05:59 EDT

Queen Elizabeth Park zipline delayed by permitting process

The Vancouver Park Board's controversial plan to put a temporary zipline in Queen Elizabeth Park by the end of May has been delayed by at least a month, with no firm opening date set, CBC News has learned.

The zipline was proposed and approved by the board in April and is intended as a temporary installation for the summer to help celebrate the park's 75th anniversary.

However, the board's timeline has been pushed back as the Vancouver company that pitched and will operate the zipline, Greenheart, prepares engineering drawings and other information required for city permits.

"It may be just a little bit longer than we anticipated," said John Coupar, chair of the Vancouver Park Board.

"We're not anticipating any difficulty, it's just that things tend to take slightly longer than you think ... certainly it will be up some time in June."

City permits, safety inspection required

The park board approved the zipline, but still needs a permit from the City of Vancouver — similar to what's required for an outdoor stage or other temporary structure — and a mandatory B.C. safety inspection, according to a communications manager for the park board.

Greenheart is still preparing the engineering drawings and other information required for the city permit, the park board said. There is no firm opening date.

The plan to install a zipline at Vancouver's highest point has been greeted with both enthusiasm and pushback, with some concerned that zipline users zooming above will puncture the park's serenity.

However, Coupar said that has nothing to do with the delays, and the process is going smoothly.

"I think [people] are going to see, when it's up, that it will be quite a pleasant experience," he said.

"It's not a real wild zipline ride. It's been described to me more like an aerial trail, and I can't wait to ride it myself."

The attraction is expected to cost between $15 and $20 to ride, and be open until the end of October.