06/02/2015 09:19 EDT | Updated 06/02/2016 05:59 EDT

Quotes from videos shown at trial of B.C. couple found guilty in terrorism case

VANCOUVER - Quotes from undercover videos shown at the trial of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, found guilty of plotting to bomb the British Columbia legislature on Canada Day 2013:


"We could have the equivalent of 9/11."

"It would be pure terrorism and it would cause the people to rethink their position of sending troops overseas to kill Muslims when they find out it was a white guy that did it."

"The first thing I said when I converted is, 'How do I worship God?' And my second question was, 'Where is my gun? Let's go do jihad.'"

"That's not good enough. It's small time." — Nuttall comparing his alleged plan to the Boston Marathon attack, which killed three people."

He singles out the issue of Palestinian independence as a particular grievance: "It's because of Canada that Palestine doesn't get Palestine Day, so why should Canada get Canada Day?"

"This is going to rock the world. The whole world is going to hear about this, you know that right?" Nuttall tells his wife.

"We're AQ Canada, al-Qaida Canada, that's who we are ... We're sleepers who've been woken, that's what we are." — Nuttall to Korody.

He suggests setting off a number of bombs at different times and at various locations in Victoria: "If they're on timers, we could freak the town out for two whole days."

After Nuttall and Korody plant what the RCMP had ensured were inert bombs, he says the imminent bombing will weaken the spirits of Canadian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

"What do you think's going to happen to (Canadian soldiers) when they learn about what happened in their own country and they realize, 'Shoot, I shouldn't be over here.'"

At one point, Nuttall suggests firing rockets over the United States border: "From Vancouver to Seattle it's about 20 miles, right?"


In a video the couple recorded, Korody calls on Muslims to fight what she describes as the "Godless heathens.''

"If you have a stone, throw it; if you have a bomb, drop it,'' she says. "If all you can do is give them the finger, then give it to them.''

Korody, after the pair discuss detonating pressure-cooker bombs in the washrooms of strip club as a distraction from the main event: "The only reason a woman is going to be killed in a men's washroom is if she's turning a trick."