06/02/2015 11:46 EDT | Updated 06/02/2016 05:59 EDT

Some quotes on the death of ex-Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau

MONTREAL - Former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau died Monday night at the age of 84. Here are some quotes from various people reacting to the death:

Lisette Lapointe, Parizeau's longtime wife: "The man of my life has gone....He was surrounded by love. After a titanic fight, hospitalized for five months, facing challenges one after the other with extraordinary courage and determination, he passed away...We are devastated."

Premier Philippe Couillard: "Today, we have to rise above that level (partisanship), all of us, and remember him for what he gave: the part of his life he gave to Quebec and Quebecers. The fact that he was one of the great builders of the Quiet Revolution (and) left behind institutions like the Caisse de depot benefits all Quebecers."

Parti Quebecois Leader Pierre Karl Peladeau: "His achievements were numerous and propelled Quebec into the modern era. We lost a great man and a great builder of Quebec last night."

Former prime minister Jean Chretien: "You can disagree in politics but you have to respect the people who devote their lives defending their ideas — something that he did for a long time and I did too."

Ex-Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard: "He didn't have much time (as premier). In politics, you need time. That's the problem of most politicians. They don't have enough time to conceive and implement programs. He only had one year. It's much too short. It's a pity. It's something he must have been very sorry about."

Jean-Francois Lisee, a PQ member of the legislature and a former adviser to Parizeau: "His ideas light the way for the future."

Francois Legault, leader of the Coalition for Quebec's Future: "He built part of modern Quebec...We're losing a great man who brought us to where we are today. It's a sad day but we have to thank him for having served Quebec so well in all those years."

Former Quebec premier Jean Charest: "As premier of Quebec, he showed himself to be a very determined political figure in advancing the cause of separation. He forced events, he was in the small school of people who had the ability to make things happen and showed himself to be very determined."

Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver: "He's an historic figure, he had an impact on Canada and, of course, particularly Quebec. He had a vision, it wasn't my vision, but he was very sincere about it and in a democratic society he had the right to advance it, which he did with a great deal of gusto."