06/03/2015 11:17 EDT | Updated 06/03/2015 11:59 EDT

Canadian Vandalism Hall Of Fame: 'The Poutine Bandit'

There are many grand questions in life that seem like they are meant to remain unanswered, such as "do humans have a higher purpose?" and "who is Nick Cannon?"

Now, a man in Regina can add an uber-Canadian question to the list: Why did someone dump poutine on his car?

Eat well, automobile. You're growing every day.

"I just want to know why. Was this mistaken identity?" Daryl Siba told 650 CKOM. "Did I do something to her I don't know of?"

Siba said he was on his way to his car on Saturday night to retrieve some books when he saw the Canadian-delicacy-turned-vandalism-tool on his windshield, according to the Leader Post.

It was still pretty fresh,” he said.

After cleaning up the mess, he checked the dashboard camera, hoping the human fries-and-gravy catapult was taped.

"(I) got the camera out of the car and went back upstairs and sure enough, it's on video."

Siba uploaded the clip, gloriously titled 'The Poutine Bandit,' to Facebook and filed a police report to "find out her reasoning behind this," although he does not want the woman charged.

"The video is not about shaming her but more about how she just went straight to my car to dump a poutine on it," he wrote in his Facebook post.

“It turned from pretty much anger to like ‘Why?’ in less than five minutes,” he told the Leader Post.

In case you're wondering why the video's timestap is 2012/02/12, Siba explains:

"The time in the video is wrong because when ever I unplug the camera to read the usb card the reserve battery goes dead reverting the clock back to the default time."

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