06/03/2015 11:08 EDT | Updated 06/03/2015 11:59 EDT

Toronto Peacock Back At High Park Zoo After Wild Vacation In The City

After five days on the lam, Toronto’s fugitive peacock has finally returned home.

On Wednesday, news of his homecoming was confirmed by Mayor John Tory himself.

And what a vacation, indeed.

The peacock enjoyed his first taste of freedom last Wednesday when he first escaped from the High Park Zoo. He returned the following day.

But on Friday, his penchant for adventure catapulted him out of zoo grounds again, flinging him toward the nearby Roncesvalles area.

Spotted hopping from roof to roof to balcony, some locals managed to capture footage of his majestic flybys.

Such majesty. Who knew peacocks could fly so far and so beautifully?

The Houdini bird managed to successfully elude every attempt Toronto Animal Services made to catch him. But it didn’t take much effort on his part to exhaust animal services, all he had to do was jump roofs to slip past their nets.

Efforts to catch the peacock were eventually suspended in hopes he would return to the zoo on his own.

So for a few days, the bird’s bright blue and green plumage made for some strange and spectacular sightings around the city’s west end.

“The missing peacock has been going between my garage roof and my neighbour’s second-floor balcony railing for going on two days,” said west end resident Conrad Dueck on Facebook.

“We’ve called 311 three times and they’ve suggested putting a box over him.”

But after five days away from his pen, the peacock said goodbye to the streets and returned home. For now.

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