06/03/2015 10:12 EDT | Updated 06/03/2016 05:59 EDT

Toronto schooner to be recovered, moved to Fort York

A 19th century schooner discovered near Toronto's waterfront is set to be moved to Fort York on Thursday, where it will be preserved and displayed.

The ship, which was discovered by an archeological firm working at a development site at Queen's Wharf in early May, could date back to as early as the 1830s.

The vessel is incomplete, with only the keel, the lowermost portions of the stern and bow and a limited section of the bottom of the hull on the port side intact. But, the question facing the crews that will move it is: how will the centuries-old schooner stay together as a crane lifts it?

Developer Concord Adex is behind the big move, which will include a 30-minute lift by crane and then a short but cautious ride on a flatbed truck to Fort York.

Concord Adex called its plans to save the schooner a "historic attempt."

The move will begin at 9:30 a.m.