06/04/2015 05:11 EDT | Updated 06/05/2015 03:59 EDT

Baby Goats In Pajamas Will Brighten Your Day

What do little kids and baby goats have in common? They'd both rather jump around and play than hit the hay.

The 1:03 minute video above, which was originally posted to Youtube by farm owners Sunflower Farm Creamery, shows three-week-old Nigerian Dwarf goats, Winifred and Monty, jumping in a barn wearing adorable four-legged pyjamas. Sunflower Farms — which hosts goat kids until they are ready for pet adoption or milking — wrote on their Facebook wall that they purchased the pajamas online and just remembered they had them.

Animal lovers have to agree, it's all just too cute for words. If you're as in love with these little guys as we are, you have to check out the farm's 24/7 live feed where you can watch the kids run around all day and night.

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